International Migrants Day

“Migration powers economic growth, reduces inequalities, and connects diverse societies. Yet it is also a source of political tensions and human tragedies” (Antonio Guterres)

Written by Maricarmen Robles

“Migration is as natural as breathing, as eating, as sleeping, it is part of life, part of nature”, says Gael García Bernal, and the reasons that drives a person to migrate are multiple: to learn another language, to share knowledge with another culture, to make new friends or to study a career. However, not all the reasons respond to an aspiration of new experiences, knowledge or adventure, some people have to migrate because the situation of their communities is not safe anymore.

This year, the world had sadly witnessed a massive migration from Afghanistan as a result of the Taliban’s return to the government. Nowadays, afghans make up one of the largest refugee populations worldwide with 2.6 million refugees and 3.5 million people that are internally displaced  as the result of more than 40 years of conflict, natural disasters, chronic poverty and food insecurity (UNHCR, 2021). And the afghans are not the only population that is being forced to migrate, unfortunately this human tragedy is repeated in many other poor countries of the world. Is on that way that migration becomes an expression of the human aspiration for dignity, safety and a better future (UN, n.d.).

The United Nations General Assembly in December 2000, taking into account the large and increasing number of migrants in the world, proclaimed 18 December International Migrants Day (UN, n.d.). The date is a great opportunity to share between countries the results of migration policies and to highlight the benefits that migration gives to a country. Migrants contribute with their knowledge, networks, and skills to build stronger, more resilient communities (UN, n.d.)

To know more about the date can visit United Nations webpage here.


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