Global Youth Advocates Celebrate World Health Day

Today, April 7, 2021, is World Health Day where advocates all around the world celebrate especially in light of the pandemic. The ASEAN Youth Advocates Network, the Official Southeast Asian Chapter of the Global Youth Advocates Network, celebrates this every day by having an event titled Perspire- a yoga webinar that will not only teach you yoga’s benefits but also the practical ways to do it this April 10, 2021. You can sign up for the event here.

Together with this, the Global Youth Advocates Network would like to give you a few tips on how we can prioritize our health!

Physical Health

  • Sleep on time and for 8 hours 
  • Eat highly-nutritious food and stay hydrated 
  • Exercise regularly 
  • Wear your face mask at all times and regularly disinfect

Mental Health

  • Seek help when needed 
  • Avoid overthinking and negative thoughts
  • Be courageous and uphold faith

Emotional Health

  • Think only of what is right and necessary 
  • Never let the emotions control you 
  • Think before you speak or do 
Social Health 
  • Surround yourself with good natured people and spend time with them 
  • Set boundaries 
  • Involve yourself in community engagements
Spiritual Health
  • Exercise faith 
  • Read good books or devotional pieces 
  • Spend time appreciating the nature 
Reference: The Well Essentials. (2020). The 5 Aspects of Holistic Health And Why They Are So Important.
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