Global Youth Advocate Spotlight: Meet Natalia Mayo

Today, we launch the Global Youth Advocate Spotlight with Natalia Mayo, the Research and Talent Development Head of the ASEAN Youth Advocates Network, the official Southeast Asia chapter of the Global Youth Advocates Network.

I joined for the wrong reasons but stayed for the right ones. 

Unlike other people, I didn’t start with a passion for changing the world or a mission to help the people around me. Instead, I began as a student that was bored of being at home all the time. Having nothing to do urged me to join online events and participate in my community. I mean, I was doing something good, but it was merely for my purpose. 

At that time, I applied to many youth organizations and got in most of them. As I kept participating, I started getting tired. I soon realized that I prioritize my work over my mental health, which led me to pace my work and lessen my responsibilities. A

A question that is still on my mind intrigued me through the process: why did you stay? I had the option of leaving my responsibilities and having my routine life back again. But why did I choose to stay? 

I then realized it is because of the people. It is because of passion. It is because of the vision and change we are creating. Having met people that I consider my friends made me stay. Having felt everyone’s passion made me grow my love. Having seen the long-term vision and impact my organizations create made me want to give more to the cause. Finding a more profound sense in my actions made me the advocate that I am today.

 Although it was a rocky road that taught me how selfish I was to grab opportunities for the wrong reasons, it also taught me how impactful it is to see the change in the world we all wished to happen. 

To the youth reading this right now, this is a sign to grab that opportunity. You may not know what is to come but, it is worth it.

A story of volunteerism and love for public service shared to the Global Youth.

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