Global Youth Advocate Spotlight: Meet Alex Santelices

Today, the Global Youth Advocate Spotlight features Alex Santelices, the Administrator for Finance & Country Administrator for Indonesia of the ASEAN Youth Advocates Network, the official Southeast Asia chapter of the Global Youth Advocates Network.

“Alex, how can you change the world?”

Growing up, I always encountered the same question, probably every year of my life. Every single time this question came up, I always made up a new answer for it. But now, being asked today after everything the world has been going through, it took me months to find something to say. 

I have no steps to share. But this is what I realized: 

We all want things. We want world peace. We want to help communities that need help. We want to create projects that will save life below water or plant thousands of trees. The young generation wants to save the world for the future lives at stake. We want to protect the innocent. We want justice for our countries. We want to be of help. We want to make a change. 

You can want this all you want– but what are you going to do about it? 

Bringing yourself to stand up from a good nap is hard work. Stepping out of your comfortable routine for added responsibility isn’t a piece of cake. 

But that’s the thing: choosing to stand up from a comfortable position is all it takes. Choosing to step out of your comfort zone to take on a challenge is all it takes to start change. 

How can you change the world? You make a choice. 

You choose how you’ll react to things, work on something, or what you’re going to do. 

Volunteerism and leadership. How daunting. 

But it’s your choice to let this intimidate you or to start stepping up for the change you want to see. “

A story of leadership, volunteerism, and empowerment shared to the Global Youth.

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