ASEAN Youth Advocates Network to launch ASEAN Youth Week

ASEAN Youth Week

The ASEAN Youth Advocates Network, an organization composed of over five thousand member individuals and organizations, is set to host the first ever ASEAN Youth Week co-presented by JCI Makati and JJC Makati to be held from August 1 – 14, 2021. The two week event is set to highlight significant youth events namely: The ASEAN Youth Advocates Summit, International Youth Day, the AsiaYouth Advocate Awards, and ASEAN Day where its member-organizations and eight official country chapters present in Southeast Asia are to present various and unique opportunities to the youth, whether online or virtual. 

With the biggest annual gathering of Southeast Asian youth months away, youth empowerment begins today as the AYAN launched a call for interested youth volunteers to partake in the event. The project, led by the next Executive Board of AYAN for 2021-2022, is also in preparation of the first Executive Board, led by Emmanuel Mirus Ponon, the Founder and Executive Director of the organization as he transitions to lead the Board of Trustees as the Chairman.

For interested volunteers, check out the link here.

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